Fatwa: # 24700
Category: Misc. Fiqh
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 6th March 2013


Is it permissible to keep pictures that have already been drawn?


as- salamu alaykum,

i have recently found out that drawing people is haraam. i did not know of this before so i will still be punished?

i also wanted to ask what i should do with the pictures i have drawn? i heard that if i put a line through their necks it will be ok to keep them. i have currently covered them with a bin bag and placed them into the attic. what would you advise i do?
i am currently considering sending them to a charity or back to the school.

look fowards to your reply inshallah 

jazakAllah khair


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Alhamdulillāh, it is pleasing to see your enthusiasm to stay away from the disobedience of Allāh Ta’ālā. This is a sign of your Imān.

You are correct in stating that picture-making is prohibited in Islām. Consider the following narration:

عَبْدَ اللهِ بْنَ مَسْعُودٍ يَقُولُ: قَالَ رَسُولُ اللهِ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ: «أَشَدُّ النَّاسِ عَذَابًا يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ الْمُصَوِّرُونَ» (صحيح مسلم، بَابُ  تحريم تصوير صورة الحيوان، وتحريم اتخاذ ما فيه صورة ونحوه، وأن الْمَلَائِكَة لَا يدْخُلُون بَيْتًا فِيهِ صُورَةٌ وَلَا كَلْبٌ ( 


It is reported from Abdullāh bin Masood Radhiyallahu Anht that Rasūlullāh Sallallāhu Alaihi Wa Sallam said, “Those who create pictures will be most severely punished on the Day of Judgment.” (Sahīh Muslim)


You state that you did not know of the prohibition at the time of drawing pictures. Now that you know and sincerely repented for that, have hope on the Mercy of Allāh that you are forgiven.


The Jurists state the following rulings concerning pictures:


·        It is permissible to draw pictures of inanimate objects.


·        If the facial features of an animate picture are completely removed, then this is not considered a picture.[1] However, merely removing the eyes is not sufficient.[2]


·        It is permissible to keep pictures of animate objects, for example pictures in newspapers etc. in one’s home on condition that the pictures are covered and concealed.[3]


You have stated that you have covered the pictures and placed them in the attic. This is sufficient.


However, bearing in mind the severe warnings attached to picture-making, it is advisable that you dispose of the pictures altogether. Do not give the pictures to any institute or school. Certainly it takes Imān and courage to dispose of something that was completed after tedious efforts. Keep in mind the rewards of the Hereafter for this great sacrifice and it will become easy.


We ask Allāh Ta’ālā to grant you steadfastness in the obedience of Allāh Ta’ālā. Amīn.  


And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Abdul Azīm bin Abdur Rahman,
Student Darul Iftaa

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

[1]  Taswīr Kay Shari Ahkām (Mufti Shafi Saheb Rahimahullāh), Pg. 74, Idaaratul Ma’aarif Karaachi

(قَوْلُهُ أَوْ مَقْطُوعَةَ الرَّأْسِ) أَيْ سَوَاءٌ كَانَ مِنْ الْأَصْلِ أَوْ كَانَ لَهَا رَأْسٌ وَمُحِيَ، وَسَوَاءٌ كَانَ الْقَطْعُ بِخَيْطِ خِيطَ عَلَى جَمِيعِ الرَّأْسِ حَتَّى لَمْ يَبْقَ لَهُ أَثَرٌ، أَوْ بَطَلَيْهِ بِمَغْرَةٍ أَوْ بِنَحْتِهِ، أَوْ بِغَسْلِهِ لِأَنَّهَا لَا تُعْبَدُ بِدُونِ الرَّأْسِ عَادَةً (رد المحتار، ج 1، ص 648، سعيد)

وَكَذَا لَوْ مَحَى وَجْهَ الصُّورَةِ فَهُوَ كَقَطْعِ الرَّأْسِ (البحر الرائق، ج 2، ص 31، دار الكتاب الإسلامي)


[2]  وَقَيَّدَ بِالرَّأْسِ لِأَنَّهُ لَا اعْتِبَارَ بِإِزَالَةِ الْحَاجِبِينَ أَوْ الْعَيْنَيْنِ لِأَنَّهَا تُعْبَدُ بِدُونِهَا (رد المحتار، ج 1، ص 649، سعيد)


[3]  Taswīr Kay Shari Ahkām (Mufti Shafi Saheb Rahimahullāh), Pg. 75, Idaaratul Ma’aarif Karaachi

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وَقَالَ: إنَّ الْأَحَادِيثَ مُخَصَّصَةٌ بَحْرٌ، وَهُوَ ظَاهِرُ كَلَامِ عُلَمَائِنَا، فَإِنَّ ظَاهِرَهُ أَنَّ مَا لَا يُؤْثَرُ كَرَاهَةً فِي الصَّلَاةِ لَا يُكْرَهُ إبْقَاؤُهُ، وَقَدْ صَرَّحَ فِي الْفَتْحِ وَغَيْرِهِ بِأَنَّ الصُّورَةَ الصَّغِيرَةَ لَا تُكْرَهُ فِي الْبَيْتِ. (رد المحتار، ج 1، ص 649-650، سعيد)



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