Fatwa: # 30477
Country: India
Date: 30th November -0001



Asalam U Alaikum,

I am in a relationship with a girl and i am sincere in this relationship, My intention were never wrong but i know this relation is not permissible, i regret commmitting this sin of talking to a non mahram girl, but i really love her. As you know in the present time its not possible to talk with parents regarding Nikah in early age. I am not employed yet, as i have just completed my degree. I always pray in Salah that i get engaged(Nikah) with this girl as soon as possible as i dont want to carry on committing this sin. In addition to this i have never had any relation with any other girl and i have always stayed away from other girls, i have not commited any major sin ever(Zinah). My intention is clear from the start, i would have talked to my parents or her's regarding Nikah but i am afraid it might get turned down because of the reason i am not earning yet. Please guide me in this situation as i wanted to repent and stop myself from committing sins. I wanted to ask:

1.If i can make Dua and ask for Allah's help in this regard?

2.If there is any Dua so that our parents ease up and we get engaged?


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