Fatwa: # 1799
Category: Marriage
Country: Other Country/Island
Date: 21st December 2000


I am a Muslim girl who married a Christian, what should I do?


I am 32 years old, I waited until i was 29 to get married, my parent were in no rush. I always wanted to marry a Muslim so I did. He was Muslim in name but told me afterward that he was an agnostic. He also believed having sex with others was ok. I was very upset and decided that this marriage was wrong. We separated and he did not want to work things out. I was all alone as i had moved from london to england and went into depression. I met a nice boy who married me sincerely. He is a good person with good morals. i am teaching him about islam and he is willing to learn.He has accepted that when we have kids they will be brought up as muslims. we have been married nearly 1 and half years. Will i go to hell for this. Should i have stayed with someone who in name was muslim but was an agnostic.


You have acted correctly by separating from the agnostic. It appears that you then married a Christian. If so, your second marriage is invalid as it is not permissible for a Muslim female to marry a non-Muslim male. We advise that he accept Islam and thereafter marry him according to Islamic rites.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti E.Desai

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